Phononic’s Internationally-Recognized Certification

Phononic’s Internationally-Recognized Certification

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Our entire Phononic team is excited to share some very big news! We’ve just met the rigorous requirements for International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 certification, the world’s most widely-recognized quality management system (QMS) certification.

As the largest developer and publisher of voluntary international standards worldwide, for 60 years, the ISO remains a driving force behind quality management. The ISO has developed over 18,000 standards applied to technology and business at over a million companies in over 170 countries. We are proud to be participating in this global community of quality assurance.

What Does ISO Certification Mean For Phononic?

What this certification means for us as a young company is that we are deeply committed to the goal of developing products and services that consistently meet our customers’ present, developing, and future needs. It means we are committed to statutory and regulatory requirements. It establishes our commitment to apply the standards of quality management as outlined by the ISO. It provides a formal way for us to assure that we are doing things the same way every time we manufacture, and that we maintain a consistent quality of product.

“This certification underscores our commitment to developing disruptive, compressor-free cooling technology, and our dedication to following the highest manufacturing standards and processes.” – Gary Barbari, Vice President of Manufacturing, Phononic

Additionally, the ISO 9001:2008 is a recognized supply-chain requirement in many countries. Certification ensures we get the raw materials we need to manufacture our products anywhere in the world we need them.

The number of industries that recognize the value of ISO 9001 as a purchasing criteria continues to grow. And, because of its recognition among the companies of the European Community and other countries, this certification will ultimately assist us in introducing our products to Europe and around the world.

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