Supply Chain: Source High-Quality TECs for Optical Component Cooling

Partner with a Vendor Who Delivers on Quality & Value

When selecting a vendor for thermoelectric coolers (TECs), you have to balance value with cost. You need to consider availability and on-time delivery, and plan for scalability. You need a partner who can support your production volume.

Phononic is a different kind of manufacturer. Our TECs are assembled in a high-tech US-based semiconductor manufacturing facility, leading to unparalleled quality. A tightly-controlled process means we scale easily with production and the last TEC off the line is exactly like the others that came before it.

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The Difference Is Process Control

What’s the value of a TEC that’s built in an automated production facility rather than an R&D lab? It’s in the uniquely disciplined process we’ve developed, which ultimately drives quality. Our TECs deliver better performance and better efficiency, with up to 25% lower power consumption, so you can rest assured that your products will perform. In fact, our return rate is effectively zero. You read that right – 0% returns.

95%+ On-Time Delivery Rate

Excellent product quality is meaningless if you can’t get the TECs you need when you need them. Our on-time delivery rate is greater than 95% – and that’s not for just a few pieces. We’ve shipped more than 2 million TECs in a 12-month period to Tier 1 optical component manufacturers whose names you definitely know.


0% Return Rate

Yes, it’s true - our return rate is literally 0%, because we are obsessed with quality

On-Time Delivery

Your schedule is critical - we deliver on time, every time, to make sure you stick to it

Differentiated TEC Manufacturing Process

Phononic’s ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility is automated and fosters a unique, differentiated process control that results in excellent product quality. Our manufacturing process is repeatable, consistent, and scales easily to support your needs from design into production.

In fact, when customers visit our production facility, they regularly say that they’ve never seen anything like it.

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