Strategy: Optical Component Cooling That Solves Business Challenges

Keep Up with Your Changing Customer Base

We understand that your customer base is shifting to content providers who may move much faster than traditional telecoms. We know this puts pressure to innovate while keeping the cost of your fiber optic network solutions low. That’s a tough balancing act, but it’s one we know how to navigate.

At Phononic, we realize you need to drive your product roadmap while planning for the coming years. We’re here to help get you there.


TEC Design Consultation Services

With in-house optical component expertise, we’re able to provide design consultation services as part of our standard product development process. Phononic designers work with your engineers to develop a tailored solution that is energy-efficient, stable and cost-effective.

Scale Quickly to Shorten NPI Timelines

Our automated, high-tech manufacturing facility results in unprecedented product quality (we have a 0% return rate – yes, zero) and a tightly-controlled process that can scale very quickly to meet mass production demands, meaning you can move at your customers’ speed.

Our repeatable process maintains quality even in continuous production. In fact, we’ve shipped 2 million laser cooling TECs (thermoelectric coolers) to Tier 1 optical component manufacturers in just 12 months.

As your partner, we see shortening your new product development windows as part of our job.

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Exceptional Design Support

Benefit from our expertise: we’ll consult with you, modeling several times so that we design just once

Shorten Your NPI Timeline

A repeatable process shortens development cycles and scales quickly with production

TEC Innovation

We understand your product roadmap and align our innovation efforts with your needs

Future-Proof Your Products – and Your Strategy

You don’t need a vendor; you need a partner who will understand your business challenges and develop the best solutions for your needs. The right partner helps you adapt not just to the changing landscape of today, but plan for and future-proof against the changes that you can’t even see coming.

Phononic is that partner. We are obsessed with quality and it shows in what we deliver. We are a company built on a history of innovation, and we spend every day building the applications of tomorrow.