Engineering: Low Power Consumption TECs for Laser Optic Cooling

Laser Diode Cooling with 30% Lower Power Consumption

With a TEC from Phononic, you’ll deliver superior power consumption and heat density in a small footprint. This provides a critical differentiator inside the laser package where industry standards won’t limit your options.

Our TECs are different by design. Unlike the TECs you’re used to, ours are produced in a US-based, ISO-certified, automated semiconductor production facility that looks like your factory, not an R&D-style lab. Our process control and metrology is unrivaled in the industry. This allows us to deliver best-in-industry quality.

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High Heat Pumping Density for Transceivers

With the rapid growth in worldwide bandwidth demand, it’s more important than ever to effectively and efficiently cool the components that light up longer reaches of fiber optic cable. Our TECs drive high-quality performance in any laser package, including TO can, box TOSA and pump lasers, providing heat pumping density up to 60% higher than typical performance in a very thin form factor to support pluggable transceivers of any form factor including SFP, QSFP and OSFP.

But don’t take our word for it; with a return rate of effectively 0%, our customers say it better than we could.

Consultative & Scalable TEC Design

Whether you are new to cooled laser package design or have TECs that aren’t performing to expectation, we’re here to help. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop an application-specific configuration that meets your package parameters, including operating temperature and dimensions. Our approach is to design and model carefully before moving to prototype stage, so it’s done right the first time. This reduces the risk of time-consuming, costly redesigns which delay your time to market.

You’ll get a TEC that’s customized to reduce power consumption in every way possible and optimized for your application. And we can scale quickly to ramp to mass production, ultimately shortening your NPI process.

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* Average TEC power savings based on customer feedback

heat pumping density

* Heat pumping density capability comparison based on comparison of Phononic designs to other commercially available TECs designed for laser cooling


Extremely Low Power Consumption

Achieve 30% lower power consumption than typical TEC performance

High Heat Pumping Density

Realize 60% higher heat pumping density in a very thin TEC - our pico-TEC platform is perfect for FTTX applications

Exceptional TEC Design Support

Benefit from our expertise: we’ll consult with you, modeling several times so that we design just once

Simplify Your TEC Connection

Because our TECs are designed to your package’s exact parameters, integration is simple. Phononic will plan for the optimal interconnect approach ahead of time, including wire bonding posts or solder pre-tinning layers if needed.

Our customized connection options make your TEC attach process easy and reduce your total BOM component list.