Phononic Non-Hermetic Compatible Thermoelectric Cooler Targets Telecom, Datacom Laser Packages

04/23/18 – Phononic is now offering a Non-Hermetic Compatible Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) for communication lasers in the telecom and datacom industries, enabling high reliability and cooling performance with low power consumption. Phononic TECs can be customized to… Read More

Grocery Industry Faces Big Risk in Slow Adaption to Consumer Trends

04/23/18 – Consumer demands are changing, with a focus on fresh and healthier food becoming more and more common. Grocery stores have been slow to implement new technology to improve the customer experience, but doing so is… Read More

Phononic Survey Shows Consumers’ Food Waste and Freshness Concerns an Issue for Grocery and Meal Delivery Services

04/19/18 – Potential exists for solid state refrigeration to be the solution DURHAM, N.C. – Phononic, the global leader in solid state cooling that is breaking the boundaries of semiconductor innovation, today announced the findings of a survey… Read More

Most Shoppers Want to Be Left Alone in the Store, Survey Finds

03/28/18 – A large majority of shoppers prefer in-store technology for customer service needs, rather than help from an employee, according to a recent survey. Another survey from Phononic also shows that customers want a more innovative… Read More

Phononic Launches Non-Hermetic Compatible Thermoelectric Cooler Platform for Telecom and Datacom Laser Packages

03/09/18 – The release of Phononic's new proprietary thermoelectric cooler platform for laser packages within telecom and datacom was covered in Semiconductor Today. Phononic has experience with both cooled laser packages and non-hermetic laser packages, and this experience plus… Read More

Phononic Launches Non-Hermetic Compatible Thermoelectric Cooler Platform for Reliable, High Performance Laser Packages

03/08/18 – Phononic unveiled its proprietary Non-Hermetic Compatible Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Platform, designed to provide high reliability and cooling performance, along with lower power consumption, for laser packaging. This advancement is a solid-state, precision-cooling solution for sub-components… Read More

Shoppers Seeking Easier Grocery Store Experience, Phononic Study Finds

02/21/18 – To keep up with evolving consumer preferences, grocery stores and supermarkets need to make some changes, according to a new study from Phononic. They should focus on utilizing newer technologies, making it easier to find… Read More

Disruptive Startup Phononic Makes it Cool to be Bold

02/21/18 – Phononic was recently featured in a story by Forbes, highlighting the need for a technology revolution in the refrigeration industry, and how Phononic's products can make a difference in places that traditionally have "tough operating conditions"… Read More

Study: Consumers Not All That Happy With Conventional Supermarkets

02/20/18 – A recent survey conducted by Phononic revealed that shoppers are looking for a better experience from their grocery stores. Chain Store Age highlights the results of the survey, including the finding that nearly 90% of… Read More

Survey Reveals Consumers’ Preferences for Grocery Store of the Future

02/20/18 – Phononic's survey findings were featured in this story from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, highlighting consumer preferences in the grocery landscape. Read More

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