New Electronics: Solid-State Cooling

06/13/18 – US based Phononic’s thermoelectric technology is proving truly disruptive in the usually staid world of cooling technology. When it comes to cooling technologies it’s fair to say that not a lot has changed in the past… Read More

Squawk Box: Phononic CEO Reveals High Tech Way of Keeping Things Cool This Summer

05/30/18 – Our CEO, Tony Atti, on CNBC explaining how solid-state technology is disrupting the way retailers are cooling their food & beverage products. Read More

A Clever Fix to the Biggest Climate Problem

05/18/18 – To slow down and fix the problem of climate change, the actions that will have the biggest impact need to be prioritized. Designing a better fridge is one of those actions. EcoWatch covers the ways that… Read More

3 Ways Retailers Can Clean Up in 2018

05/17/18 – In the 21st century retail experience, tech companies are grocers, there are more than a dozen home delivery food services are in close competition, and even traditional retailers are re-thinking store design based on customer… Read More

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Phononic Expand Partnership

05/09/18 – Thermo Fisher Scientific will become the exclusive supplier of Phononic's refrigeration solutions for the life sciences and healthcare markets. This new channel to purchase products will provide customers with greater efficiency throughout the order process,… Read More

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Phononic Partner: 3 Things to Know

05/04/18 – Phononic has partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to create an exclusive channel for life sciences and healthcare customers to purchase solid-state refrigeration and freezer products. Becker's ASC Review covers 3 things to know about the… Read More

Durham’s Phononic signs exclusive deal with Thermo Fisher

05/03/18 – Phononic has signed an exclusive new deal with Thermo Fisher Scientific, making Thermo Fisher the exclusive supplier of Phononic refrigeration and freezer technology for life sciences and healthcare markets worldwide. Read More

Phononic Solid-State Refrigeration and Freezer Technology for Life Sciences and Healthcare Now Available Exclusively Through Thermo Fisher Scientific

05/03/18 – Phononic announced that an expanded partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific will create an exclusive channel for its innovative solid-stage refrigeration and freezer products in the life sciences and healthcare space. The partnership will make order… Read More

Phononic Announced as Winner of 2018 Silver Stevie® Award

05/02/18 – Phononic was recently named as the winner of a 2018 Silver Stevie® Award in the Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year Category. Created in 2002, the Stevies are the world's premier business awards, recognizing… Read More

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Food Retail

04/30/18 – The retail landscape in the food industry is evolving. Phononic found that 89% of shoppers want to shop in a supermarket that understands how to make buying groceries more efficient, one of several trends that… Read More

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