Solid-State Medical Refrigeration for Labs

The Perfect Point-of-Use Medical Refrigerator

Your lab has enough going on – your refrigerators should work for you, but traditional solutions don’t. The typical lab, whether it’s research, diagnostic or QC, is full of big, noisy, heat-releasing refrigerators. What if you had a medical refrigerator right at your point of use that offered more storage in a small space, ran silently (won’t compete with dictation), and didn’t heat up your work area?

This isn’t a dream – it’s real. We offer a medical-grade compressor-free refrigerator that delivers all of that with temperatures that are extremely uniform and stable – far beyond what you can even imagine today.


Extraordinary Performance and Safety

Achieve precise temperature control and up to 50% more capacity, much less noise (less than 35 dBA), better longevity, and low energy consumption with solid-state cooling. Our medical-grade, solid-state refrigerators offer up to 40% energy savings over traditional refrigeration.

Our refrigerators deliver extremely tight temperature uniformity throughout the entire cabinet and even sense door openings to trigger an instant thermal response for faster recovery, even in high use. They provide local data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management, and with data from embedded glycol and air temperature sensors, these refrigerators meet CDC data logging guidelines. This helps with annual calibrations and temperature mapping – even when changing contents.

Phononic refrigerators are small enough to sit on or under a counter, have low heat output and no toxic chemicals, and are quiet enough to sit at your fingertips, storing your just-in-time materials close and keeping you moving.


Point-of-Use Availability

Don’t go out of your way for materials - put a quiet, low-exhaust refrigerator right at your fingertips

Unprecedented Temperature Uniformity

Traditional refrigerators oscillate up to 5°C - our constant monitoring and adjustment delivers an oscillating temperature range of only 0.5°C

Eliminate Contamination

Eliminate the vibrations which lead to particulates, and use a technology free of grease or oil

High Energy Efficiency

Don’t stress overhead budgets - our refrigerators are efficient, giving better performance for up to 40% less energy

Cleanroom Ready

Our solid-state technology means that our refrigerators are low-exhaust, without grease, oil or particulates, making them the only medical-grade refrigerators ready for use in cleanrooms while meeting USP <800> guidelines with no renovations or special ventilation necessary.

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