Medical Refrigeration for Healthcare Facilities

Not Your Traditional Refrigerator

We’ve developed a solid-state application for cooling that allows medical-grade refrigerators to run without the compressors and fans that waste interior space, need frequent servicing and create wide temperature oscillations.

Our small semiconductor chips are packaged in a durable solid-state heat pump that, when integrated with an effective solid-state heat transport system (we use Carbon Dioxide), delivers extremely stable temperature control and requires very little maintenance and service. The solid-state refrigeration systems maintain exceptional performance even as the units age, providing durability and lifespan you’ve never seen before.


Temperatures That Stay Steady

You need the vaccines and medications in your facility to be stored safely. Phononic refrigerators exceed CDC and FDA requirements for vaccine and breast milk storage and are extremely temperature-stable. While traditional refrigerators oscillate up to 5°C, leading to fluctuations that can damage products, our constant monitoring and adjustment results in oscillation of only 0.5°C.

This unmatched stability reduces out of range temperature excursions, meaning fewer alarms for staff and patients to endure and lowering the number of automatically generated work orders requiring a facilities response.

Exceptional Performance: Quiet and Efficient

Phononic refrigerators are more energy efficient than traditional alternatives, with up to 40% savings. We are the only medical-grade solid-state refrigerators with ENERGY STAR® certification. This reduces overhead and, ultimately, cost of ownership. Our solutions also last longer, because we’ve eliminated the mechanical parts of a compressor that are prone to failure. That coupled with better overall performance means you’ll get better ROI.

And solid-state refrigerators are quieter, at less than 35 dBA. Combined with low-heat output and small cabinets, you can keep refrigerators right in patient rooms. This boosts your nurses’ efficiency and, in your NICU, it allows breast milk to be kept in the same room as mothers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


Safe & Compliant

Meet FDA & CDC temperature requirements for vaccines, chemo drugs, insulin and breast milk - and stop worrying about using only the middle shelf

Log Data Automatically

Local data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management meeting CDC data logging guidelines

Unrivaled Temperature Stability

Reduces workloads with less frequent out-of-range alarms and work orders

Ease Your Workload

Benefit from local data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management. With data from embedded glycol and air temperature sensors, our refrigerators meet CDC data logging guidelines. They also sense door openings, triggering an immediate thermal response to provide faster recovery in high-use environments.

With better temperature stability and faster recovery, your team will face fewer work orders from out-of-range alarms. And with fewer mechanical parts that can fail, our refrigerators are easy to maintain and last a surprisingly long time.

Learn how our solutions also support the needs of drug and vaccine management.