Merchandising Freezer

0.4 Cu. Ft. Freezer Display & Storage for Grocery and Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Bars, Stadiums and More

Frozen items have traditionally been relegated to deep ice chests located at the periphery of stores, restaurants and venues – not prime, high-traffic locations. With Phononic’s solid-state commercial freezer, you have a compact, quiet, great-looking solution that you can put anywhere you want, including on checkout counters, bar tops or concession stands. Our freezers unlock new revenue opportunities to help you sell more.

Our solid-state commercial freezers offer unprecedented sustainability and resource consumption, and they are long-lasting, needing less upkeep and maintenance than traditional freezer options. You’ll realize better ROI and a lower cost of ownership.

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  • Accurate, stable temperature control keeps foods at the perfect temperature without melting
  • Small and nearly silent, perfect for use at checkout or in kitchens and bars
  • Fast recovery keeps food frozen even with repeated door openings
  • Low maintenance with long life-span
  • Clean, aesthetic designs enhance your brand


  • 0.4 cu. ft. internal capacity
  • Packing factor: 24 ice cream sandwiches
  • Uses less than 2.9 kWh/day
  • Quiet operation at less than 42dBA
  • Automated data logging

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