Drive ROI Through Better Commercial Refrigeration

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

The food industry is getting more competitive every day. The only way to gain greater share of wallet is by innovating before your competitors. Today’s stores and restaurants are filled with refrigerators and freezers running on antiquated compressors – technology that’s literally 200 years old. There’s a revolutionary cooling technology on the market, and our commercial refrigerators and freezers are radically changing the retail and food service industries.

Be on the leading edge of the cooling revolution.

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Exceptional Cooling Performance with Better Efficiency

Our patented cooling technology can’t be compared to the outdated refrigerators you use today. Phononic solutions deliver more precise and stable temperatures, are eco-friendly (no noxious fumes or chemicals) and make better use of resources for unprecedented efficiency and sustainability. They also look sleek and modern, reflecting the quality and creativity of your brand.

Noise and storage are barriers no more: place high-margin products, including ice cream, right where buyers will notice them – like on the checkout counter or on top of the bar. Semiconductor cooling offers increased storage – up to 40% more than alternatives – letting you store more at one time, with more front-of-shelf space and less restocking. And because there are no fans or compressors, Phononic solutions don’t release hot exhaust and are whisper quiet.

Reduce the Cost of Outages

When a refrigerator or freezer fails, there’s an immediate risk of your products spoiling, losing potential revenue. But there’s a bigger risk of leaving customers with the impression that you aren’t maintaining your business – and that comes with significant long-term costs. Phononic refrigerators have eliminated the mechanical parts that fail most often, letting us deliver solutions that have excellent longevity, are extremely reliable and require little maintenance. You’ll realize a lower lifetime cost of ownership and better ROI.


Sell More

Modern designs allow for increased capacity with more front-of-shelf space for your most profitable products

Please Your Customers

With precise temperature control and fast recovery, your products will be consistently cold, keeping customers happy

Unrivaled Performance & Energy Savings

Achieve 20X better temperature stability with up to 40% energy savings

Automated Data Logging

Get a new level of insight into your business. Phononic refrigerators provide local and remote data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management, so you’ll always know that your products are protected from spoiling. Track door openings to discover trends – and rest easy knowing that our refrigerators sense openings to trigger an instant temperature response, for fast recovery times even in high use. Your customers will always find their products at the perfect state of cold.