Reliable Solid-State Commercial Refrigeration

Cooling Technology That Makes Your Job Easier

Every time a traditional refrigerator or freezer fails, you not only risk spoiling products and losing revenue, but also making a bad impression on your customers. Compressor-based refrigerators have a lot of mechanical parts that require upkeep and are complicated and time-intensive to fix.

Phononic’s revolutionary solid-state refrigerators use small, flat semiconductor chips to generate extremely stable, uniform temperatures without hot exhaust or noxious chemicals. Our commercial refrigerators work reliably and cool consistently, making maintenance a breeze.

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Excellent Cooling Performance That’s Easy to Maintain

Our innovative solutions offer excellent temperature stability for the best product protection. The temperature of traditional refrigerators oscillates up to 5°C, creating fluctuations that can damage products. Phononic refrigerators provide automatic monitoring and adjustment, delivering an oscillating range of just 0.5°C for a more consistent cold. And they monitor openings, triggering an instant response for fast recovery even in high use.

Your needs require refrigerators that are quick to install and deploy, while also being simple to repair. Our cooling solutions deliver all that and more, with effective training and ongoing support. With Phononic technology, you can put your mind at ease and focus on other parts of your job.

Store More, Stock Less

Because semiconductor chips are much smaller than compressors, we’re able to provide up to 40% more capacity in the same space as a comparably-sized refrigerator. This means you can hold more product at once, resulting in less time spent restocking.

Gain Insights from Operational Data

With Phononic, you’ll gain a whole new level of insight into your cold storage. Our refrigerators have the option to provide local and remote data logging, monitoring and alarm notification management. You can track and measure door openings, giving you a sense of traffic trends to best plan your stocking visits. Collecting data on refrigerator operations does more than help you plan – you’ll anticipate preventative maintenance, ensuring that everything’s working even when you’re not there.


Unrivaled Temperature Stability & Energy Savings

Achieve 20X better temperature stability with up to 40% energy savings

Less Maintenance

Replace compressor-based refrigerators and freezers with more rugged, reliable solid-state technology and spend less time maintaining them

Showcase Products

Modern designs allow for increased capacity with more front-of-shelf space, for less restocking

Sell More

With precise temperature control, faster recovery and better uniformity, products are consistently cold without freezing - keeping customers happy

Quiet and Versatile for Point-of-Sale Refrigeration

Because our technology is completely unique, our refrigerators and freezers don’t release hot fumes or run on toxic chemicals like freon. They’re also significantly quieter, since there’s no compressor system. This means they can be placed in high-traffic areas like point-of-sale countertops and other non-refrigerated food items without negatively impacting the experience of customers and employees.

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