Cooling That Is Revolutionizing Food Service

Compact, High-Capacity Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Kitchens and bars are busy, high-traffic areas where there’s never quite enough space, and your refrigerators aren’t helping. Traditional options use bulky, loud compressors that waste valuable storage space and release hot exhaust and noxious gases.

We’ve developed a revolutionary way to cool, using small semiconductor chips. Phononic refrigerators and freezers have up to 40% greater capacity in a small footprint, and deliver excellent temperature stability while being small and quiet enough to sit anywhere you want them (even on bar tops) – and they look great doing it.

Phononic cooling is changing food service – and you need to be at the forefront.

Little girl eating ice cream

Protect Your Food with a More Perfect Cold

When you’re serving food, you can’t be too cautious. The refrigerators and freezers you use today oscillate as much as 5°C, creating temperature fluctuations that can lead to spoilage or contamination. Our solutions are constantly monitoring and adjusting to deliver an oscillation range of just 0.5°C for a more stable cold. And our refrigerators monitor openings, triggering instant responses for fast recovery, even when in high use.

Stock Less and Sell More in a Small Space

Since semiconductor chips are so small, you’ll get up to 40% more storage in the same footprint as a traditional refrigerator. This means you can store more and stock less often. You can also better plan and lay out your space, reducing the amount that’s devoted to refrigeration and opening up space for new equipment you’ve had your eye on.


Please Your Customers

With precise temperature control and fast recovery, your products will be consistently cold, keeping customers happy

Sell More

Refrigerators and freezers that quietly sit - and comfortably fit - wherever they can reach the most hungry, thirsty customers - including on top of your bar

Unrivaled Temperature Stability & Energy Savings

Achieve 20X better temperature stability with up to 40% energy savings

Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Refrigeration

Phononic refrigerators are smarter about how they consume resources, providing up to 40% energy savings that translate into lower cost of ownership. We’ve removed the mechanical parts of a compressor that are most prone to failure. This means our solutions last longer with less maintenance, all leading to better ROI.