Cooler Refrigerators and Freezers for Construction

Cooling Technology That Adapts to Your Customers

When designing or remodeling a space, commercial refrigerators are typically a limiting factor you need to plan around. You end up compromising large swaths of valuable space and find yourself trying to camouflage irritants like noise and heat created by their exhaust.

What if your cooling technology actually worked around your needs and those of your customers, allowing you to place refrigerators and freezers where they can be easily accessed in restaurants or best promote products in stores? And what if the solution was both attractive and energy efficient?

You don’t need to wonder any longer: we’ve made a “cooler” cooler.


Safe, Effective Cooling

Our patented solid-state technology uses small, flat semiconductors to produce extremely stable, uniform cooling without generating hot exhaust or relying on toxic chemicals like freon. Phononic refrigerators deliver unprecedented sustainability by being smarter about resource consumption, providing up to 40% energy savings over traditional alternatives.

And because semiconductor chips are much smaller than compressors, our solutions offer up to 40% more capacity than traditional refrigerators. You’ll have more room for cold storage in a smaller footprint, easing your space planning.

Stable Temperatures

When it comes to temperature stability and accuracy, you won’t find a better choice. Phononic refrigerators offer 20X better temperature stability than traditional alternatives, which have continuous temperature oscillations of up to 5°C. Compare that to our oscillation range of just 0.5°C, held tighter by constant monitoring and adjustments. Our refrigerators also monitor door openings to deliver instant thermal responses, reducing recovery times.


Unrivaled Temperature Stability & Energy Savings

Achieve 20X better temperature stability with up to 40% energy savings

Distributed Cooling

Refrigerators and freezers that quietly sit - and comfortably fit - wherever they can reach the most hungry, thirsty customers - including on top of the bar

Make an Impression

Modern designs allow for increased capacity with more front-of-shelf space

Product Variety, Availability and Delivery to Support Your Schedule

The last thing you can afford is to have your grand opening delayed because your critical appliances weren’t delivered on time. We understand how important sticking to schedule is to your final launch. We are guaranteed to have the availability and turnaround times you need to support your new construction or remodel.