Phononic in Wearables

Our solid state technology can be designed into wearables to offer more compact, efficient, and on-demand cooling and heating solutions.

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Everyday/Weather Gear

Comfort that’s designed for all conditions.

Imagine a t-shirt that cools your body when it gets too hot. Or a jacket that heats based on your skin’s temperature. With Phononic’s solid state technology, all that is possible. Our technology is compact enough to portably cool and heat your outfit, no matter what the situation calls for.

On-demand temperature control, for the most demanding activities.

On-demand temperature control, for the most demanding activities.

Extreme sports demand the most out of your body. Our technology is designed to powerfully deliver maximum cooling and heating on demand, keeping your body at an optimal temperature for performance.

Temperature-controlled recovery.

Temperature-controlled recovery.

Cooling and heating are critical components of physical recovery. With our solid state technology, hospitals and physical therapists have precise temperature control to ensure patients are recovering in the most efficient way possible.

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