Phononic in Consumer Automotive

Solid-state technology can be integrated into vehicles to deliver safer, more convenient, and more comfortable driving experiences.

Couple putting groceries in the back of their car.


Temperature stability and reliability

Our solid-state technology offers uniform temperature reliability across multiple automotive applications ranging from food transport to LiDAR. Our quality control and assembly process ensure reliability over the long run, with a TEC return rate of 0% in mass production.


By removing the compressor, we’ve created a more compact way to cool in even the smallest spaces.

icon image Near-silent, at less than 35 dB

Compressors are noisy with fans that rev up and down all day. Our solid-state technology enables compressor-free solutions that operate at silent or near-silent levels, depending on system configuration.

Distributed climate control

With solid-state technology, climate control can be distributed throughout the vehicle, giving each passenger more control and more comfort.


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