Evolve Inspires the Future of Healthcare at the North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital at UNC REX

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Less than a week ago, we announced a partnership with UNC REX Healthcare to deploy our high-performing EvolveTM refrigerators at its new hospital. Opened in early March, the North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital at UNC REX installed a combination of the 1.8 and 5.5 cu. ft. Evolve products in its pharmacy, patient support areas and medicine rooms in conjunction with medication management systems.

Powered by advanced solid-state refrigeration, the Evolve refrigerators provide uniform, precise and reliable cooling without the noise and other detriments of conventional vapor compression refrigerators. The Evolve product line will change how UNC REX Healthcare delivers patient care, equipping staff with more accurate, reliable temperature control and superior inventory protection.

Why does this matter?

It’s all about providing better patient care and saving lives in a hospital. With the Evolve refrigerators, nurses, doctors and hospital staff are able to focus on the patients and their families providing better and more comprehensive care as they don’t need to constantly monitor refrigeration temperatures.

How’s that possible?

When Evolve senses a door opening and identifies an increase in chamber temperature, refrigeration power is automatically adjusted to pull the entire refrigerated chamber back to the set point. This instant reaction to dynamic temperature events, a benefit unique to solid-state refrigeration enables faster recovery in high use hospital environments like UNC REX.

As a visionary in the healthcare field, this partnership with UNC REX Healthcare showcases our commitment to innovation and progress in delivering the next generation of technologies that’ll improve healthcare.

Watch how Evolve is setting a new standard for refrigeration at the North Carolina Heart & Vascular Hospital at UNC REX Healthcare here: Evolve Refrigeration & UNC REX Healthcare.

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