About Phononic

We Have Redefined Cool

We took one little chip and reinvented how the modern world cools. Our unrivaled approach to solid-state cooling uses semiconductor chips to deliver temperature control and energy efficiency that the world never imagined possible. We are changing the rules and displacing antiquated cooling techniques like refrigeration that have gone unquestioned for more than 100 years.

We have revolutionized the way life-saving drugs and vaccines are protected, data is transmitted and food and beverages are stored and transported. From countertop freezers and refrigerators to pinhead-sized fiber optics, no one believed we could push semiconductor technology and design this far.

Our Driving Force

We saw a future that no one else did: an application of solid-state technology that defied common belief. We were told it couldn’t be done. So…we did it, in the most demanding industry we could find: healthcare. Our innovation outperformed traditional refrigeration with unprecedented sustainability – up to 40% energy savings, as the only medical-grade refrigerator to have earned ENERGY STAR® – while delivering better performance without the use of harmful chemicals and toxins. The world deserves a better way to do cold, and we changed all the rules to deliver it.

We aren’t just about finished products. Our TECs (built in a lab, not a workshop) cool lasers in fiber optic networks, giving transceiver companies a powerful “inside the box” differentiator in a highly standardized space.

Our technology delivers unmatched performance, extremely stable temperatures, high efficiency, silent operation and increased throughput in a smaller footprint. We’ve already made the future of cooling a real-life reality in optoelectronics, food & beverage and life sciences & healthcare. Now, we’re setting our sights on the next wave of future cooling – and we aren’t stopping until it’s done.

Quality & Environmental Policy

“Live It, Own It, Perfect It, Scale It, Protect It”

  • Live It: First time quality in all that we do.
  • Own It: Individual ownership and personal accountability.
  • Perfect It: Meet or exceed our customers requirements and continually improve.
  • Scale It: It is quality, rather than quantity, that matters as we grow.
  • Protect It: Environmentally responsible in all that we do.

Revolutionizing Cool

Innovation is in our blood. Every day, our Advanced Engineering team is working towards the next big breakthroughs in solid-state cooling. We are focused on developing industry-changing applications in optoelectronics, food & beverage, life sciences, and even consumer goods. Learn about our advancements in these areas and more.

We're creating a cooler world every day.

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