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Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs) are designed to manage heat and effectively cool transceivers. Phononic’s TECs deliver significantly better power consumption and heat pumping density than alternatives, for a more reliable, higher-performance solution. Our blog offers information about how engineers can use high-quality TECs to increase efficiency and innovate in this competitive space.

Cooling in LiDAR Applications

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LiDAR (light detection & ranging) applications are growing in popularity as the world becomes increasingly connected through the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Mordor Intelligence, the global LiDAR market was $1.69B in 2017, and is estimated to hit $4.5B by 2023, an impressive 12.7% CAGR. LiDAR is a surveying method that is used to… Read More

Addressing the Technical Challenges of Non-hermetic Laser Packages

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In today’s competitive atmosphere, optical component manufacturers are facing growing pressure to find cost-effective laser package solutions to help reduce their final product cost. An attractive lower cost option is a non-hermetic laser package – however, non-hermetics introduce their own set of design challenges, particularly when dealing with cooled lasers. Uncooled non-hermetics are fairly straightforward,… Read More

TEC Design Considerations for Cost and Performance

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The optical transceiver market has experienced significant growth in recent years, and all signs point to that trend continuing for the near future. Globally, industry revenue is expected to reach $10.7B by 2024, a CAGR of 10.1%. Markets Insider reports that much of this growth is driven by data centers shifting to 100G/200G/400G capabilities. Market… Read More

4 Design Considerations for 5G Cooled Optics

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Today, talk about 5G is unavoidable. The tech and telecom industries are focusing heavily on it, with thought leaders and industry publications trying to quantify what the rollout of 5G applications will mean for the marketplace. So, what does this mean for optical component manufacturers? Increasing data rates and longer reaches of fiber both need… Read More

Why Sustainability Should Be a No-Brainer for Your Business

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In the past, sustainability was often an initiative met with hesitation from corporate boards and executives, as it had a reputation for costing more than the perceived value of its benefits. However, embracing a sustainable business culture can actually result in significant cost savings and competitive advantages. A recent survey from McKinsey shows that many… Read More

Phononic Introduces Disruptive Benefits of Solid-State Technology to Investment Banking Community

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Last week, Tony Atti, Founder and CEO of Phononic had the privilege to present at the 29th Annual ROTH Conference. The conference featured presentations from public and private companies, spanning a multitude of industries from healthcare to cleantech and technology. Phononic was one of 72 private companies invited to present at the event due to… Read More

“No Standard Products” – the Phononic Motto

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Phononic refuses to be “boxed-in” In 1120, King Henry I of England created the yard, equal to the length from his nose to his outstretched thumb. While the yard would change over time into the more useful standard we have today, its history reveals a telling truth about standardization: sometimes it serves us well, while… Read More

A Solid State Future Is Here

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A Technological Evolution Hans Hofman once said that: “The ability to simplify means the ability to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.” Technology continues to follow this paradigm by continually shedding it’s weakest links. Solid-state refers to devices with a physical architecture made of solid, non-moving components. Consumers might have come across the… Read More

New Ways to Control Your Climate

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The Energy Problem Are you one of the millions who constantly wastes money, either knowingly or unknowingly, while heating or cooling your office space, building, or home? If so, then you need to reinvest in a more efficient heating and cooling system that’s not only smaller, but quieter, and more sustainable than your current system. The… Read More