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Solid-state refrigeration is unlocking new sales opportunities in food & beverage retail. With compact, energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers, high-margin products like frozen treats no longer need to be relegated to the back of the store. Solid-state refrigerators and freezers are helping retail owners innovate within the market to deliver a better customer experience. Phononic’s blog highlights how grocery and convenience stores, restaurants and bars can use solid-state technology for better product placement, efficiency and cost savings.

How Grocery Stores Can Make the Most of the Holiday Season

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With the holiday season in full swing, shoppers are making more trips to the grocery store to stock up on food for parties, guests and gifts. While this can be quite a hectic time of year for supermarkets, it can also be the perfect time to adopt new strategies that can enhance the customer experience… Read More

Three Lessons Breweries Can Learn from Hospitals

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We all have that friend who won’t drink his beer straight out of the fridge or cooler because it’s not at the ideal tasting temperature. And as annoying as that can be, he’s technically right. Most beers aren’t meant to be enjoyed ice cold (despite the commercials that zoom in on frosted beers). In fact,… Read More

Three Reasons Why Grocery Shoppers Prefer Distributed Refrigeration

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For a long time, grocery stores were the only game in town. Consumers of all ages came together week after week at local supermarkets to purchase all of the food items on their shopping list at a good value, in a convenient manner. As retail models have shifted drastically over the past few decades, traditional… Read More

Selling at the C-Store: 4 Reasons Why Compact, Solid-State Cooling is Best

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The average small convenience store (c-store) stocks 2,800 to 3,200 items in as many as 400 categories. For consumers, this means they are never at loss for options when it comes to choosing a beverage or snack. For brand and category managers, it means they are constantly faced with two key challenges: how to get… Read More

Frozen Foods Making a Comeback, Thanks to…Millennials???

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When you picture millennials at the grocery store, you probably imagine a cart full of fresh organic produce, kefir and free-range meats. However, a 2018 study concluded that there is room reserved in their carts for another food type: frozen. The study by CPG Marketing Firm Acosta found that 26% of total U.S. grocery shoppers… Read More

Sell More Frozen Treats This Summer With This “Cool” Technology Innovation

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Get a Sneak Preview at the National Restaurant Association Event, Booth 7977 Are you a forward-thinking leader looking for the next food service technology innovation that will impact your bottom line this summer? The National Restaurant Association Show is less than a week away and Phononic is #FiredUp to be showcasing our cooling technology innovation… Read More

Why Sustainability Should Be a No-Brainer for Your Business

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In the past, sustainability was often an initiative met with hesitation from corporate boards and executives, as it had a reputation for costing more than the perceived value of its benefits. However, embracing a sustainable business culture can actually result in significant cost savings and competitive advantages. A recent survey from McKinsey shows that many… Read More

3 Lessons Retail Grocery Chains Can Learn from Toys “R” Us

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Many of today’s parents grew up as Toys “R” Us kids. While they may have been taken aback by the company’s recent bankruptcy filings and closure of all its stores, most of the business world was not surprised. The store had been drowning in debt for several years, and the reasons are all too familiar… Read More

Phononic Introduces Disruptive Benefits of Solid-State Technology to Investment Banking Community

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Last week, Tony Atti, Founder and CEO of Phononic had the privilege to present at the 29th Annual ROTH Conference. The conference featured presentations from public and private companies, spanning a multitude of industries from healthcare to cleantech and technology. Phononic was one of 72 private companies invited to present at the event due to… Read More

“No Standard Products” – the Phononic Motto

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Phononic refuses to be “boxed-in” In 1120, King Henry I of England created the yard, equal to the length from his nose to his outstretched thumb. While the yard would change over time into the more useful standard we have today, its history reveals a telling truth about standardization: sometimes it serves us well, while… Read More