A Solid State Future Is Here

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A Technological Evolution Hans Hofman once said that: “The ability to simplify means the ability to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.” Technology continues to follow this paradigm by continually shedding it’s weakest links. Solid-state refers to devices with a physical architecture made of solid, non-moving components. Consumers might have come across the… Read More

New Ways to Control Your Climate

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The Energy Problem Are you one of the millions who constantly wastes money, either knowingly or unknowingly, while heating or cooling your office space, building, or home? If so, then you need to reinvest in a more efficient heating and cooling system that’s not only smaller, but quieter, and more sustainable than your current system. The… Read More

The End of Moore’s Law? Maybe Not Thanks to Solid-State Cooling Technology

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The History of Moore’s Law Moore’s Law states that computer processing power will double every two years. However, many scientists and researchers suggest processing power’s growth is slowing and we may soon reach a point where doubling is not possible. Today’s microchips are so densely packed that they can start to overheat at a certain… Read More

The Rise of High Performance Computing and the HEX 2.0 CPU Cooler

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If you’re looking to boost the performance of your computer system, overclocking can be an attractive option. By configuring a computer hardware component to operate at rate faster than its manufacturer-approved clock speed, you can improve performance without needing to purchase additional hardware. However, overclocking carries risks in the form of additional heat and power… Read More

Eliminating HFCs and CFCs with Phononic SilverCore™ Refrigeration

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The Rise of Refrigeration Did you know the first working vapor-compression system was built before the Civil War? In 1834, technology for refrigeration was created and sent everyone on the path to cooled bliss. Today, food, computers, medical samples, automobiles, housing and other hallmarks of comfortable life rely on cooling systems to keep things performing… Read More

E3 2016: We Brought Gamers a New Way to Stay Cool

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We’re just settling back into the office after a great week at E3 2016 and we’re excited to say that the launch of the HEX 2.0 was a huge success! Shout out to Lenovo Gaming for the PC! While games are always front and center during the show, we saw some amazing hardware on the… Read More

Shaking Up Tradition: The Future of Cool Is Here

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We’re happy to announce that Phononic ranked #18 on this year’s annual CNBC Disruptor 50 list for our innovative approach to cooling and heating! The list identifies the most promising, private companies whose innovations are revolutionizing the business landscape and shaking up the market. We’re honored to be named alongside other groundbreaking companies such as… Read More

The Cool Way Phononic is Changing Outdoor Digital Displays

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The future is already here, and it’s bright. Times Square, train terminal displays, and drive-through menus: these are just a few examples of the outdoor digital signage lighting up our world. These devices provide a mix of information and entertainment crucial for a broad range of organizations and applications. As we move deeper into the… Read More

Not your Father’s Thermoelectric Devices


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While the Peltier effect has been around for over a hundred years it’s no secret that thermoelectric devices never really took off as an obvious choice when it came to electronics cooling options. The truth is that they failed because they simply weren’t all that great. They didn’t perform as well as passive solutions or… Read More

2016 Solid-State Cooling and Heating Trends

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Solid-state cooling and heating is gaining momentum across several applications, including refrigeration, chips, and lasers. As a semiconductor company manufacturing high-tech solid-state devices designed for cooling and heating just about anything, where do we think solid-state cooling technologies will head in 2016? Top 4 Solid-State Cooling and Heating Predictions for 2016 1. Internet of Things… Read More