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The 38 Most Valuable Enterprise Startups of 2016

12/23/16 – Phononic was named to this list of most valuable enterprise startups of the year by Business Insider. Read More

Revolutionising Heating and Cooling: An Interview with Tony Atti

12/19/16 – Phononic is a company that is aiming to revolutionise cooling and heating with solid-state solutions that are both smart and sustainable. Read More

Reinventing Refrigeration with Phononic’s Tony Atti

12/12/16 – Over the past 10 years, the world of lighting has witnessed a massive transformation. Old incandescent bulbs have given way to modern technology in the form of solid state, more commonly known as LED lighting. Read More

CNBC’s Sustainable Energy Special Report

12/02/16 – Innovation is greening retail and wholesale. Watch Video Read More

Another $70 Million for this Durham Company

11/16/16 – Durham refrigeration innovator Phononic has raised an additional $71 million, bringing its total haul to more than $160 million. Read More

Investors Pour Another $71 Million into Phononic

11/16/16 – Phononic, a Durham producer of solid-state cooling and refrigeration devices, has raised an additional $40 million from investors that boosts its latest round of funding to $71 million – the most money raised by a… Read More

Phononic Raises a Cool $40 Million to Make Quiet, Spacious Refrigerators

11/16/16 – Refrigeration and air conditioning used to require vapor compressors, chemicals like Freon, fans, water chillers or passive heat sinks. But a North Carolina company called Phononic has developed solid-state refrigeration technology instead. Read More

Phononic Completes $71 Million Growth Equity Financing

11/16/16 – Phononic, the company revolutionizing cooling and heating with solid-state technology, today announced it has closed a $71 million investment with an additional $40 million in funding from UBS' wealth management businesses. Read More

Fortune.com Term Sheet, November 16th

11/16/16 – Phononic, a Durham, N.C.-based provider of solid-state cooling and heating technology, closed a $71 million investment with an additional $40 million in funding from UBS’ wealth management businesses. Read More

PSDcast – Mike Demasi of Phononic on Advanced Cooling Technology

11/15/16 – In this PSDcast Mike Demasi, Phononic’s Vice President and General Manager of Cold Products, talks to Alix Paultre of Power Systems Design about advanced cooling technology. Read More

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