2015 News

Phononic Wins Innovative Product Award at 2015 NC Tech Awards

11/17/15 – Phononic is proud to announce its pharmacy-grade, solid-state refrigerator, Evolve, has been selected as a 2015 winner of the Innovative Product Award at the NC Tech Awards. Read More

Solid State vs. Compressor Based Cooling

09/10/15 – By far the most successful solid-state cooling technology is embodied in products under development at Phononic (Research Triangle Park, NC), whose soon-to-debut products are based on Peltier cooling. Read More

Semiconductor Veteran Mark McClear to Help Drive Growth and Innovation as Chief Operating Officer of Phononic

08/28/15 – Mark McClear, a veteran semiconductor and electronic materials executive, accustomed to innovation and fast-paced growth, has been appointed chief operating officer at Phononic. Read More

SilverPoint™ Wi-Fi Enabled Temperature Monitoring Prompts Peace of Mind Among Pharmacy and Clinical Professionals

08/19/15 – Peace of mind, expressed in a collective "Ahhh" will be heard among pharmacy, clinical and healthcare professionals across the U.S. as Phononic, the company revolutionizing heating and cooling, introduces SilverPoint™, an advanced Wi-Fi enabled temperature… Read More

Phononic Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

07/13/15 – Phononic, the company revolutionizing heating and cooling with its compressor-free SilverCore™ solid-state technology, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design and manufacturing operations of solid-state devices and scalable components for electronic cooling, heating and… Read More

Phononic Launches Solid-State Freezer Achieving Refrigeration Milestone

07/13/15 – For two centuries or more, inventors have been trying to perfect refrigeration technology. Now the unprecedented is happening with Phononic's unveiling of the Evolve™ compact freezer – a compressor-free, pharmacy-grade cold storage unit. Read More

Buoyed by $44.5M, Phononic Scores Huge Pre-Order Deal

06/15/15 – Durham refrigeration innovator Phononic has yet to launch its new cooling unit, and yet, already, a customer has signed on to take the bulk of its inventory. Read More

HCL Secures Volume Order from Phononic for Evolve Pharmacy-Grade Benchtop Refrigerators

06/11/15 – Compressor-based cold storage has been the predominant technology used by the medical and research field for storing sensitive inventory, such as vaccines, biologics and medications, and it has come at a cost. Read More

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