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Phononic’s Solid-State Thermal Cooling Technology Wins $44.5M in VC

12/18/14 – Falling squarely in the energy efficiency sector, Phononic, a developer of solid-state thermal management technology, just raised $44.5 million in a Round D led by Eastwood Capital and the Wellcome Trust, along with WLR China… Read More

With Big Funding, Phononic CEO Targets New Cooling Applications

12/18/14 – Semiconductor startup Phononic entered 2014 with a $21 million funding round to bring the company’s new cooling technology into refrigerator production lines. Read More

Phononic Grabs $44.5 MLN Series D

12/18/14 – Phononic has closed $44.5 million in Series D funding. Eastwood Capital Corp and the Wellcome Trust led the round with participation from WLR China Energy Infrastructure Fund, Tsing Capital, Venrock, Oak Investment Partners and Rex… Read More

Startup Phononic Raises $44M for Solid State Heating and Cooling

12/18/14 – Semiconductors have transformed many modern industries (computers! LEDs!) and if startup Phononic has its way it will change heating and cooling, too. Read More

Phononic Raises $44.5 Million in Series D Funding

12/17/14 – Phononic, a consumer products company reinventing cooling and heating, today announced that it has secured $44.5 million in Series D funding. Read More

Phononic Announces Support for Federal Effort to Reduce Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) Emissions

09/24/14 – Phononic, a consumer products company reinventing cooling and heating, has announced its support for the federal government's initiative to reduce the emission of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as part of its Climate Action Plan. Read More

Phononic Unleashes the Power of Solid State Cooling and Heating for Laboratories, Research Centers and Medical Facilities

09/16/14 – Phononic, a consumer products company reinventing cooling and heating, today unveiled its innovative new family of refrigerators for laboratories, research centers and medical facilities. Read More

These Startups are Eeking Out Extra Energy for Everything from Cars to Fridges to Wearable Gadgets

06/17/14 – When you work with your laptop on your lap, you can feel it. When you touch the hood of an idling car, it’s clearly there. Read More

Durham’s Phononic Devices Expanding Manufacturing Capacity

04/01/14 – In the wake of its $21 million fundraise, Durham’s own Phononic Devices is expanding its manufacturing footprint. Read More

More Investors Emerge to Back Durham’s Phononic Devices

04/01/14 – Phononic Devices, a Durham-based refrigeration company, has now snagged $25.9 million - an expansion on that ​$21 million we reported in December. Read More

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