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BCC Research Recognizes Top 10 Thermal Management Suppliers

12/15/11 – In a recently published market research report, TOP TEN THERMAL MANAGEMENT COMPANIES AND EMERGING TRANSFORMATIVE TECHNOLOGIES (Report Code: SMC075A), BCC (News - Alert) Research identifies leading technology suppliers in the fast-moving, continually growing market for… Read More

Greentech Enterprise Alphabet Energy Gets $12M in VC to Convert Waste Heat to Electricity

09/15/11 – Alphabet Energy just raised $12 million in round A funding, led by TPG Biotech along with Claremont Creek Ventures and the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund, to develop thermoelectrics. The firm had received a $1… Read More

ARPA-E Successes Spotlighted by Biden

09/07/11 – The Solyndra collapse was a punch to the gut in the Obama administration’s efforts to forge a new green economy, but the administration is making a case that not all the news these days is… Read More

A Major Milestone for ARPA-E

08/31/11 – To create jobs and lead in the global clean energy economy, the Obama Administration has made a point of supporting game-changing innovations – including the Energy Department’s Advance Research Programs Agency for Energy (ARPA-E). Read More

Vice President Biden Announces New Private Sector Backing for Five Pioneering Energy Companies

08/30/11 – Speaking at the National Clean Energy Summit 4.0 today in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vice President Joe Biden announced another promising milestone for the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E): five innovative companies that… Read More

Biden, Chu: We’re at a Crossroads for Clean Energy

08/30/11 – It’s been hard to avoid the elephant in the room at the fourth annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Read More

Phononic’s Chips Convert Waste Heat into Electricity

06/29/11 – In 2008, the Rockefeller Family’s Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Venrock, tapped chemist-turned-venture-capitalist Anthony Atti to evaluate promising thermoelectric research conducted by Patrick McCann, a professor of engineering at the University of Oklahoma. Read More

Thermoelectrics Get Cooler: Start-Ups are Advancing Solid-State Cooling Systems

06/07/11 – The exhibit hall was buzzing like a high school science fair. At this year's Energy Innovation Summit, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E), several hundred inventors and entrepreneurs had… Read More

Phononic Adds Bruce Sohn to Board of Directors

05/11/11 – Phononic Devices, Inc. announced today it has added Bruce Sohn to its Board of Directors. Read More

Is Waste Heat Going Mainstream? Activity Has Been Perking Up in a Once-Obscure Area. Here’s the Report from ARPA-E

03/08/11 – Earlier this month, Venrock and Oak Investment Partners invested $10 million in Phononic Devices’ thermoelectric approach to waste heat recovery. Read More

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